Use Thai Airways to Visit Thailand and Beyond.

As the most experienced airline in Thailand, Thai Airways can easily handle your once in a lifetime opportunity to visit. Ensuring that its passengers are treated like welcome guests as well as making them comfortable regardless whether they are on a business trip or vacation is something the airline has built its reputation on. love horoscopes for free We will examine some features as well as some of the places Thai Airways can take you in this article.

As a founding member of the Star Alliance, Thai Airways has some special benefits that are worth noting. You can build up travel miles in frequent flyer programs by flying with any member airline. For instance, you are in New York, but you want to fly on Thai Airways to Bangkok. Thai Airways only flies out of Los Angeles, but you can take an airline that is a member of the Star Alliance such as United from New York to LA. Even though you used two different airlines, you would be able to collect frequent flyer miles for both. Star Alliance also offers Round the World Fares, that allow you to make up to 15 stopovers all over the world and save quite a bit of money off the regular fares.

Although it is based in Bangkok, Thailand, Thai Airways is a global airline the offers flights a large number of international destinations. The airline offers flights to over 70 destinations on five different continents which allows you to go to just about anywhere you want to go in the world. If you want to fly out of the U.S on Thai Airways, you will have to catch that flight in Los Angeles as that is the only city in the U.S that is served by Thai Airways. Its pretty easy to get to Los Angeles from anywhere in the U.S.

Fourteen cities in the Indian subcontinent, 13 European cities and 7 cities in China are served by Thai Airways. Since it does fly often between Thailand and Australia it has created a convenient bridge between the two counties,

The Thai Airways Royal Orchild Lounge in the Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the most luxurious and you must take time to experience it if you fly to Thailand. Quite a few awards have been won by these lounges because of their comfort and features. A recent award in 2010 was for was the Best Airline Lounge-First Class and Skytrax Best Airport Services Award. The fully equipped business centers in their lounges offer you a chance to get some work done while waiting for your flight. If you are hungry or thirsty you can get a drink or snack in their dining room or take a nap in one of their slumber rooms. The Royal Orchid Spa offers the First Class passengers the opportunity to relax with a Thai massage as well as a foot massage.

Whether you are relaxing in one of their award winning lounges or on board one of their flights, Thai Airways wants you to feel at home during your entire journey. Whether you’re an Economy or First Class passenger, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip knowing that this airline is dedicated to making you comfortable Look At This.

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